National poll reveals that doctors need help with end-of-life conversations with clients

Medicare is now covering end-of-life conversations between doctors and patients but there have been a few wrinkles. A news story I read about a national poll reveals doctors are finding it difficult to initiate such conversations as well as what to say when they do. The poll of 736 primary care doctors and specialists included[…]

Medicare home health agency ratings system very helpful tool

If you’re looking to hire a home health agency to assist with a parent’s care, Medicare has a very helpful ratings system to provide insights as to how the various operations deliver home care. The system measures more than 9,000 agencies based on how quickly client visits began and the number of patients showing improvement[…]

Never too early – or late – to start estate plans

So it looks like your aging parents might be needing a special care environment in a few years. If you – or they – haven’t taken action, now is the time. Whether it be caregivers in their current home, paying for assisted living or long-term care in a nursing home, it can be quite expensive.[…]