Post same-sex marriage, elderly gay Americans still face challenges

When the Supreme Court decision affirming gay marriage extended rights to all married couples, it seemed there had never been a better time to be gay in America. In practical terms, spouses can now review each other’s hospital treatment and medical decisions, ask medical professionals for information and visit hospital treatment environments typically restricted to[…]

Recent study shows private nursing home care approaching $100k per annum

As an elder law attorney, I advise my clients about the wisdom of planning for their post-retirement years. A recent study by Genworth Financial underlines the wisdom of that strategy. Their research tags the cost of a private nursing home room at almost $100,000. That’s an increase of 1.2 percent from 2015 and close to[…]

Looming care crisis too big to avoid

For decades state and local governments have shied away from dealing with long-term care for seniors because of the eye-popping costs. But as boomers turn into seniors it’s becoming harder and harder to kick the can down the road – especially when that road ends at a cliff. So the issue is finally forcing itself onto[…]

Aging-in-place retirement centres increasing in popularity

You’re never just young and then suddenly old. Aging is a gradual process moving at an imperceptible pace until one day you wonder when you stopped taking the stairs two at a time and why your parents are now using walkers to move around. I’ve heard more than a few 40-year olds moan about keeping[…]