Post same-sex marriage, elderly gay Americans still face challenges

When the Supreme Court decision affirming gay marriage extended rights to all married couples, it seemed there had never been a better time to be gay in America. In practical terms, spouses can now review each other’s hospital treatment and medical decisions, ask medical professionals for information and visit hospital treatment environments typically restricted to[…]

National poll reveals that doctors need help with end-of-life conversations with clients

Medicare is now covering end-of-life conversations between doctors and patients but there have been a few wrinkles. A news story I read about a national poll reveals doctors are finding it difficult to initiate such conversations as well as what to say when they do. The poll of 736 primary care doctors and specialists included[…]

California End-of-Life option not a simple process

As of June, Californians have access to aid-in-dying methods in theory if not exactly in practice. California’s End-of-Life Option Act includes a considerable list of challenges for both doctors and patients including a requirement to make multiple oral and written requests for  life-ending drugs and a 48-hour notice after taking the medication. The act also[…]