Care maps a boon for caregivers

In the toolbox of family caregivers, a new addition is turning heads. They’re called Care Maps and a new video by The Atlas of Caregiving goes a long way toward explaining what it is, how to make one and especially the value in doing so.

A Care Map is a hand-drawn visual representation of all the players in a family caregiving scenario. It shows relationship of each member to the person in need of care along with their location.

At first glance, it resembles a crude treasure map cobbled together by a group of rum soaked pirates. But it’s an inspired method. A simple list of the same information doesn’t have the impact and usefulness as a Care Map.

The Atlas of Caregiving project recommends a map approach to help families understand how caregiving works. A care map helps family members, friends, and health professionals tangibly understand who’s involved and what they’re doing.

The map can also reveal what’s missing from the plan along with, additional people and resources that may have been overlooked.

The Atlas of Caregiving video, and step by step instructions, can help with this process.

What I very much like about the Care Maps are the collaborative efforts needed to make one. By pulling from all family resources and consulting with them, the making of the map dovetails nicely with the process needed to make a care plan effective.

Watch the video and read instructions here. (Note: video will be embedded)